Johnsen Group


"...we have a strong focus on innovation, green environment and to development of industries.

We want to send strong signals and to stand out in a new markets with the products or concepts we choose to work with....."

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International business partner

JOHNSEN GROUP connects & consults innovative, strong Scandinavian concepts, products and brands to enter new markets and find business partners.


We have more than 15 years of international business experience and work with a strong global network, partnerships and visionary experts.


We are working within B2B & B2C, Distribution, Trading, Franchising, Training and Development.

We work across organisations and with a wide network across industries. 


Green Agriculture - Crops & Plants  - Broiler feed

Green Cleaning - Healthcare & Hospitality, Public buildings, transport, sports & carefacilities

Sports & Sports Tech

Retail - Fashion & Furniture

Johnsen Group Holding are today owner of Johnsen Group and Managing partner at CleanShield Group.