Johnsen Group


Your international business partner to new markets.

" ..from Scandinavia to the world..

We have a strong focus on innovation, design, a green environment & development of industries.

We want to send out Scandinavian products & concepts to the world and stand out entering new markets ..."

JOHNSEN GROUP are a Connecting & Consulting company working with innovative, strong Scandinavien concepts, products and brands to enter new markets and find business partners.

We have more than 15 years of international business experience and work closely with a strong global network, partnerships and visionary experts.

The areas we are working within are B2B & B2C, Distribution, Trading, Franchising, Concept development & Training. 

We enjoy working across organisations and with a wide network across industries.



  • Biosecurity
  • Crops & Livestock
  • Sports Tech
  • Retail 

Johnsen Group are today also Managing partner at CleanShield Group.