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With heart for Sports & Education

Vikings FC is a charity, concentrating on making sports available for young kids in countries as Cameroon,  by donating sports equipment, sports clothing and  help to create  an inspiring environment.

We believe physical activities goes hand in hand with a better learning ability, so we strives to support both sports activities and education within schools.



CASE - Equipment & Clothing:

  - 150  children..... 1 football to share..

-   Lack of  sport clothes for   sport activities within the school

(School Bonduma, South West Region, Cameroon)



150 children & 1 ball to share..

Vildbjerg Cup is an international youth football tournament, since 1978, for boys and girls between 7 and 17 years old and is one of the biggest youth football (soccer) tournaments in Europe and is one of the biggest sports events in Denmark.

The international atmosphere invites to social chats between the matches, quiet and cosy hours at the camping site and fun and joy. New friendships are made and inspiring the young competitors to come back again year after year!