Johnsen Group


"..Yes, we are so lucky to work within different and exciting industries, where we have a strong focus on innovation,design, green environment and to development of industries.

We want to send strong signals and to stand out in a new markets with the products or concepts we choose to work with.....and hopfully we can help to make the world a better and greener place.."


With natural products to optimize and help the farmers to secure better and healthier growth of crops, plants & livestock.

  • 100% natural
  • Anti-bacterial for stables, treament of water and animals
  • Transport and foodproduction plans benefits from biosecurity
  • Increased plant & crop production

Broiler Feed & Production

Our supplier has developed a mixture for adding 0 % wheat, so there is always an even and stabile production, where the chickens the right amount of food and nutrition.

  • Highquality Broiler feed for increasment and a stable production 

  • 100% natural Anti-bacterial for safer chicken houses and treament of the water and chickens
  • Transport animal and food and the foodproduction plans benefits from safer and cleaner facilities.

Healthcare, Hospitality & Public transport 

New 100% Natural cleaning and coating products with a strong effect and impact.

All creates a healthy and clean environments by eliminating Viruses & Bacteria

For Hospitals, Clinics, Public buildings, carefacilities, resturants, hotels & Public transport. 

Easier, safer & faster


Innovative technology that are not only helping the Danes today to find and paticipate in sportsactivities, but also shows the way to a better health - Export support for Danish Sports Technology


Export support of Scandinavien design within Fashion, Furniture & Accessories to new and  emerging markets