Johnsen Group

100% Natural & Anti-bacterial products


Green Agriculture - Crops & Plants, Livestock stables and Food production 

Green Cleaning - Healthcare & Hospitality, Public buildingd & Care facilities

CleanShield Group offers 100% Natural ingredients products to eliminate Bacteria & Virus for the agriculture sector, healthcare and hospitality businesses through our local services and global distribution.
We offer a revolutionary “green” concept not seen like, which do not have been seen at the same level of service or quality of products.

We are experiencing an enormous growth and demand for our products.

We have the possibility to make a strong impact to markets like Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We know there is an demand for our products and services, and it will only increase year for year with the focus of less harmfull chemicals intake and back to a more natural and closer to nature life.


Johnsen Group Holding are today Managing partner at CleanShield Group.